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Welcome to BARCO Assignments

BARCO Assignments Ltd. (“BARCO”) is an International Business Company incorporated in the beautiful island of Barbados in 1999, with its offices currently located in Belleville Corporate Centre, #38 Pine Road, Belleville, St Michael, Barbados. 

BARCO was one of the first International Business Companies (“IBC”) incorporated to handle Structured Settlements as part of Liberty Mutual Insurance Company programme to assist claimants and their attorneys spread tax liabilities of settlement proceeds throughout future years, alleviating the tax obligation in the year of settlement.  The program offers the quality and service of Liberty Life annuities combined with the security of a guarantee of Liberty Life’s payment obligations from Liberty Mutual Insurance Company.  Additionally, Liberty Life provides a financial commitment to BARCO in connection with its nonqualified assignment program.

Barco Assignments Ltd. office
Barco Assignments Ltd. office